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"And the day came when the risk to remain tightly closed in a bud became 

more painful than the risk it took to blossom."  Author Unknown


Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?


“I have to do everything perfectly. If I don’t, I just feel so stupid. “

“I’m always comparing myself to others.”

“My partner wants us to be more “out” as a couple, but I’m really anxious about it.”

“I feel so alone since my partner died. People tell me it’s been long enough and that I need to start dating. No one wants to listen to me talk about him anymore. So, when they ask how I am, I just tell them I’m fine. But I’m really not.”

“Sure, I love my parents. But even when I go for just a short visit it can unglue me for weeks and I don’t know why.”

“My partner and I are separating for a while. I feel like we’re one person and I ‘m losing myself. And, every time I want to talk about it, she closes down. If something doesn’t change, I know we’re headed for a breakup.”

“If you really loved me you’d know what I want.”

Do you…

Feel stuck? Have thoughts that keep you up at night?

Use food or cutting edge humor to hide unresolved issues?

Have sexual issues that are affecting your relationship?

Overdo for others and forget about caring for yourself?

Work obsessively till everything looks perfect?

Hide away or avoid relating to others?

Turtle or hailstorm during arguments?

The past frames our beliefs and value systems and shapes our adult lives. While we can’t change or relive our childhood, we can actually change how we respond to it and improve our lives in the process. Whether it’s something you’ve been living with for years or life’s stresses are catching up with you, ask yourself the following questions.  “What do I want to change?” “What do I want to be different in my life?” Please remember that deep down inside you lives a courageous soul. Truly, it’s never too late to start living your best life.

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