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For the past decade I’ve had the privilege and joy of helping individuals and couples feel happier, more confident and better about themselves as people, partners and professionals. Previously, I spent over 20 years working with the corporate community in the visual communications profession. This experience has given me a unique perspective about the demands of balancing relationships, parenting, career, and quality of life.

I believe my practice should reflect my unique skills and insights with an emphasis on evidenced based treatments. Consequently, I don’t work with children, substance abuse, domestic violence or individuals with severe mental health concerns or in crisis. I believe good therapy comes from being proficient at a few things not necessarily all things. Consequently, you deserve to work with a therapist who specializes in that particular issue.

Counseling assists perfectly normal people who are facing issues and problems, past or present, that are negatively affecting their thoughts and, consequently, their lives. Because I’ve done my own work I understand firsthand how scary it can be to face the unknown that change represents. Do you recall that old saying about the devil you know versus the devil you don’t?

So, I’d just like to say that in my professional and personal experience, overcoming that fear leads to freedom - the freedom to lead a healthier, vibrant, authentic and purpose filled life.

Perhaps you’re wondering why I’ve chosen these particular specialties as my focus. Life is holistic. Relationships are holistic. And yes, all of these factors interconnect; defining and affecting the other.

Counseling couples and individuals is a two way street. I believe in active engagement with my clients providing motivation, accountability and supportive encouragement while organizing and clarifying goals. We identify strategies to overcome obstacles, monitor progress and foster your unique ability to remain focused on your goals.

You’re an intelligent person with numerous skills including persistence, perseverance and a willingness to change your life for the better. You’ve realized it’s time to learn how to alleviate conflicts, frustration, avoidance, anger, loneliness and unhappiness and transform your life into one that’s vital and healthy.

What’s different about the way I work with clients? Most importantly you’re not here to make compromises. You’re here to get hope and solutions for your challenges or to save your relationship and see actual change not just compromise . I’ll work with you to create lasting and sustainable outcomes for your life, work, and relationships.

Ask yourself these questions. What do you want your relationship to look like in the future? Who do you want to be in the future?

Hope is not a strategy. Denial is not a solution.


Respect, value and nonjudgment form the foundation of all my work. My style is interactive and primarily based in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, visualization, breathing and relaxation techniques for anxiety, stress management and internal dialogues work; the Developmental Model, Imago Therapy and the Gottman Method for couples work as well as attachment theory, neuroscience and bereavement, grief and loss counseling.

Our thoughts create our reality. Anxiety and stress affect our personal and professional life. They also affect our physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual health. Interventions will be targeted in order to help change specific thought patterns or problematic behaviors.

Initially, I see clients on a weekly basis. Depending on the progress that’s made as well as improvement of symptoms, the frequency of sessions is then reduced from weekly to biweekly, monthly or as needed. Once we’ve concluded our current work together, please know that I’m still here for you. Often, clients will return for a few sessions to gain clarification or to help them through situational issues.

What makes working with me unique?

  • An integration of the multi-level components interconnecting relationship dynamics – intimacy, stress, anxiety, bereavement, grief and loss and neuroscience
  • Credentialed in the Developmental Model of Couples Counseling coupled with Imago Therapy and the Gottman Method
  • Previous experience as a licensed bereavement counselor
  • An understanding of the corporate environment
  • Integrating spirituality and/or faith into our work together if you choose
  • Telecounseling via telephone and HIPPA compliant video as needed

As your counselor, your cheerleader, your coach, I offer you a safe, peaceful, respectful, nonjudgmental environment for our work together. And, since my website offers only a brief glimpse into my counseling practice and can’t replace an informative one-on-one…


I offer a complimentary phone consultation to answer your questions and discuss your situation and concerns. Also, I integrate spiritual/faith based counseling upon request. Telecounseling in the form of phone and HIPPA compliant video available as needed. You may reach me at 470-461-7211 or at [email protected] to schedule your complimentary appointment.

My office is conveniently located at 11080 Old Roswell Rd., Ste. 203-E, Alpharetta, GA 30009. It is easily accessible from Rt. 400 or Rt. 9, North Point Parkway, Westside Parkway, Haynes Bridge Road, Mansell Road, and Wills Road. North Point Mall, Top Golf and Sanctuary Park are just some of the landmarks easily accessible from my office.

Your time is precious. Many thanks for sharing it with me. Please don’t hesitate to come back often, make use of my resources and read the relevant information in my upcoming Blog posts. The information is here to serve you.

I hope to see you soon.

With the deepest respect for your journey.




American Cancer Society Neurological Metastases Support Group

New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

Discovering Inner Peace Amidst Life’s Storms

Interweave Wellness Center

Reiki and Wellness

Professional Affiliations

American Counseling Association (ACA)

American Counseling Association of Georgia (ACA of GA)


Developmental Model of Couples Counseling

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